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Retreat Options

We offer several different retreat options throughout the year - both virtually and in-person. Please email us at for more information on upcoming retreats or to inquire about a custom retreat.  

  • Body-Mind-Spirit

    This retreat includes personal & group reflections focusing on holistic wellness, as well as a 25-minute massage from a licensed massage therapist.

    Offered each Fall and Spring in Madison, WI.

  • New Year Retreat

    This day away offers the opportunity to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the coming year.  Having this yearly rhythm is a spiritual practice that yields benefits throughout the year. 

    Offered each January, virtually and in-person in Middleton, Wisconsin.

  • Discernment Retreat

    This retreat is designed for people seeking discernment such as a major decision, career shift or other important aspect of life.  We will offer guided questions, quiet time and a time to process with someone.

    Offered virtually and in person in Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Rest & Renewal

    This day away is offered multiple times a year as a way to set intentional rhythms of rest.  The flexible design offers guided reflections, time in nature, as well as plenty of personal time to use as desired.

    Our rest and renewal retreats are offered in Madison, Wisconsin and Massachusetts, with future plans to expand to Iowa and Illinois.

  • Sabbatical Retreat

    We offer tailor made retreats for people seeking a sabbatical.  This includes professionals facing career burn out, caregivers seeking refreshment or students discerning next steps.  These guided personal retreats range from 1 day to a sabbatical season with ongoing support.  Contact for more details.

  • When Mother's Day is Difficult

    Mothers' Day can be a time of both joy and hardship. We all have different paths that may not reflect the cultural expectations put on us as women. We want to create space for our stories to be told.

    This one day retreat is held each Spring in Middleton, WI and virtually. You can also book a facilitator to come to you.