The Collaboration Project, Foundry Spiritual Center, and local churches would like to sponsor K-12 educators for a 2023 Spring Semester Reset. 

Semester Reset was inspired by the experience of public school employee, Kelly.  

During the pandemic, Kelly began experiencing

  • Insomnia,
  • Noticeable health changes, 
  • Anxiety attacks, 
  • Lethargy at work
  • And a general inability to stay on top of life.  

The idea of a sabbatical was a pipe dream. As a single woman, she depended on her sole income to pay bills and could not responsibly drop out of her career for an extended period to “find herself” and regain her passions.  However, something had to change as her current situation was not sustainable and she began to worry about her future.

What transpired was a creative custom made “sabbatical” for Kelly.  She came to a 2-day retreat as a start towards decompressing and assessing her life holistically. From there, she met with a Reset Coach to create a customized approach based on her unique needs, interests, personality and budget.

Here is what Kelly says about her experience: 

In the middle of the pandemic I found myself doing math: How many more years do I have to put in so that I can leave with even the minimum vested pension? Can I make it to that finish line?  


In what I would call desperation, actually, I decided to look into what "self care" (a term I had previously seen as for the weak or self-absorbed) would look like for me.  What followed was a retreat, consistent coaching calls, and transformation in many areas of my life.  I did all the "adult" stuff of doctor's appointments, nutrition care, stretching, and therapy.  AND I got back in touch with a long held desire to visit Paris (which happened during spring break), connected in meaningful ways with old friends, learned to say no to obligations that no longer gave me joy and have set up more healthy boundaries at work.  

One year later, I am amazed to see that I am a very different person. It's almost miraculous. I have strength and peace again! I have something to give. I am grateful for every bit of this journey and will continue many of the practices I've learned, for my own health so I can show up in the world with something to offer again.

Thanks to generous donors who care about the wellbeing of educators, this experience is free and includes the following:

Phase 1: 

Opening Retreat

This retreat will include

  • Guided personal reflections

  • Group discussions

  • Homemade meals

  • Massage (optional)

  • Personal Time

  • Meeting with a Reset Coach to form phase 2.

Phase 2:

Your Designed Reset Experience

This is not a one-size-fits-all reset experience.  

We each have unique experiences to process, unique ways of decompressing, and unique variations on rest and renewal that we enjoy.  

Meeting with a Reset Coach allows you to both custom design your experience and recalibrate along the way.

  • 1/month solo session (50 min)

  • 1/month a group session

60-Minute Group Session Format: 

  • Check in (15 min)

  • Inspirational content (10 min)

  • Discussion (20 min)

  • Personal Takeaways (15 min)

Phase 3: Closing Retreat

Final One-Day Retreat

This is an opportunity to reassess the year and celebrate your changes and transformations.


January  7:  Retreat at Holy Wisdom Monastery

 - Individual Coaching Session 3rd week of the month

February 2:  Group Coaching Session
 - Individual Coaching Session 3rd week of month

March  2:   Group Coaching Session

- Individual Coaching Session 3rd week of month

April 6:  Group Coaching Session

- Individual Coaching Session  3rd week of month

May 13 : Final Retreat

To get on the waitlist for our summer or fall semester reset, fill out our quick interest form here.