meet our spiritual formation team

Kristina Kaiser, DMin.

Contemplative practices have become ever-valuable to me. I've discovered that, even as a fast-paced, energetic person, the invitation to slow down has become the fastest way for me to find connection, rest, and inspiration. Slowing down in the context of creativity is especially rewarding! I find it invigorating to create spaces for others to discover their own unique spiritual paths, and so I’m currently pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry in Spiritual Direction with an Interfaith/Interspiritual emphasis. (Completion 2023)

I live in Central Wisconsin with my husband and 4 children. Together, we hold a passion for connecting over food and living with as much joie de vivre as the day will hold.

Chris Roberts

I began exploring contemplative spirituality during a challenging season facing infertility and the death of my father-in-law. This journey drew me towards apophatic prayer models & the importance of music/art/nature to engage with God.  As I began to experience God in fresh ways, I decided to pursue spiritual direction certification as a way to introduce others to contemplative spirituality in everyday life.  

Originally from Texas, I enjoy spicy foods,  playing guitar, listening to music and spending time in nature (both solo and with my wife and 3 kids).

Christina Roberts

I’m originally from St Louis and grew up with roots in the Greek Orthodox Church.  In my young adult years I began exploring faith in other settings, which led me to work in an international humanitarian organization.  This opened my eyes to how people experience faith around the world and, in many ways, drew me back to my own childhood faith.  I eventually sought out ordination, spiritual direction certification and oblate affiliation.  I enjoy introducing people to contemplative practices and advocating for the importance of spiritual health.   

My sweet spot in life includes traveling, walking in nature and laughing with my husband and 3 kids.

Jenny Rodriguez

I'm originally from Montana and later relocated to St. Louis where I met my husband, Steve. We moved to Madison in 2008 and live on the east side with our two boys. I worked for an international humanitarian organization during my 20's, which allowed me the opportunity to experience and appreciate the beauty of different faith traditions and cultures. These days, I have been leaning more into contemplative spirituality as a fresh way to experience God during a season of deconstructing my faith. I enjoy handling the behind-the-scenes operations for our organization to help challenge the more detail-oriented part of my mind.

I love playing and listening to music, taking walks in nature, spending time with friends, and all things soccer - including cheering on the Forward Madison soccer team and supporting my kids in the myriad of soccer teams that they may be on at any given moment. I am passionate about financial responsibility and helping others learn how to make the most of  their gifts and resources to maximize the impact that we can have on our community and the world at large.