Evolving Faith

Life evolves, and that includes our faith. The Bible and other sacred texts tell us that we will be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Changing the way we think [about] and relate to God can feel both compelling and challenging. We don’t just wake up one day with an entirely different point of view. It happens slowly, over time, because of our experiences and the experiences of those around us. It happens because of the conversations we have, the things we learn, and most importantly, because of the promptings we feel from the still, small voice within.

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Spiritual Journey

Life is cyclical.  Sometimes we’re on the precipice of something new. Other times we face boredom, uncertainty and even disillusionment. We view the spiritual journey as a lifelong endeavor, recognizing that our inmost desires and sense of contribution are sometimes hidden.  This invites opportunities for God’s wisdom through spiritual awareness and help from others along the way.

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Lifelong Learners

For many of us, adulthood brings with it the pressures of feeling like we need to know the answers. But maybe having all the right answers isn’t the end-goal of spiritual wellness. Being a lifelong learner is an experience of expanding, moving towards a world where childlike faith opens us up to a lifetime of discovering God in fresh ways.

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The practice of non-duality helps us find our way into a life that feels expansive, both in thought and in action. Non-duality leaves room for mystery, helping us to learn to hold things in tension, let go of that which we cannot change, and see from new and differing perspectives. 

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Inner Wisdom

We engage in deep listening to discover the inner wisdom of the Spirit.

 Sometimes decision making is overwhelming. As we grow in our ability to pay attention and to notice the leading of the Spirit, our own inner lives grow in peacefulness, and our experience of discernment becomes less daunting.

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Ecumenical Engagement + Perennial Wisdom

Though each of us has unique faith origins and personal spiritual journeys, we seek to recognize our shared common values. We celebrate diversity as a way to grow our faith. Where we experience differences, we choose to respect one another’s faith traditions and denominations, learning from one another whenever possible.

One expression of Ecumenical Engagement is our partnership with the Wisconsin Council of Churches. An example of perennial wisdom would be our affiliation with Spiritual Directors International. 


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